Segnana, which has already celebrated the 150 years, is one of the oldest distillery of Trentino, a name which has made the history of the grappa. This precious heredity hasn’t stopped the Lunelli family, leading this company since 1982, to propose a new way of conceiving and living the grappa, making it a modern distillate, smooth. Now it’s a great option compared to other distillates of importation and it’s an expression of a fine Made in Italy abroad.


Via del Ponte 13 
38123 Ravina di Trento 
Phone n. +39 0461 972311

Visit and tasting

From Monday to Saturday  
Book your visit at +39 0461 972311 
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Bottles produced: 250.000 
Foundation: 1860 
Grappa Gentile 
Grappa Moscato 
Grappa Bio 
Grappa Anniversario 
Grappa trentina Chardonnay 
Grappa trentina Traminer 
Grappa trentina Pinot Nero 
Grappa trentina Estrema 
Grappa trentina Cinquanta 
Grappa trentina Solera di Solera 
Grappa trentina Solera Selezione 
Grappa trentina Sherry Cask