Rossi d’Anaunia – Dallavalle


In the heart of the Val di Non, this distillery has found its living reason in the respect of the rules for the production of high quality grappa.
Mr Rossi is teaching this same respect to his children Claudia and Sara. The great result is a grappa full of scents and smoothness.

Rossi d’Anaunia - Dallavalle

Via Conti Arsio 1
38028 Revò
Phone n. 0463 432684

Visit and tasting

From Monday to Saturday
Book your visit at phone n. +39 0463 432684
Or by e-mail at
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Bottles produced: 45.000
Foundation: 1981
Grappa trentina Selezione 137 Classica
Grappa trentina Selezione 137
Gran Riserva
Grappa trentina – Grappa 137 di Traminer
Grappa trentina – Grappa 137 di Groppello