Paolazzi Vittorio


This antique distillery is right outside the village of Faver, in Val di Cembra, famous for her heroic wine-growing. Vittorio and his son Martino distill with expertise and attention and they know better than anyone else the meaning of the dialectal term “lambicar”. It means “to distill”, but as well “to suffer”, reminding us of the patience which is essential in order to create the perfect Grappa.

Paolazzi Vittorio

Via Vich 27 
38030 Faver 
Phone n. 0461 683024

Visit and tasting

From Monday to Saturday 
From 8.00 to 19.00 
Book your visit at phone n. +39 347 6805616 or by e-mail at 
Tasting menu


Bottles produced: 15.000 
Foundation: 1962 
Grappa trentina di Müller Thurgau 
Grappa trentina Rachele 
Grappa trentina Cilien1888 Stravecchia