The Distillery Bailoni was born in 1953 in the Vigolana plateau from the passion of the three brothers. The main characteristic has always been the family management of the company.
Their grappa has particular aromas and fragrances both to the smell and the taste, thanks to the fine quest of the best grape marc and the accurate processing in the stills with the batch system in water-bath. You can therefore find a rich personality in these types of grappa, either from the varietal or the flavouring with botanical herbs and roots from the mountain.

Bailoni di Vittorio Bailoni & C.

Via Crucis 5
38049 Altopiano della Vigolana
Phone n. 0461 848861

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From Monday to Saturday
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Bottles produced: 9.000
Foundation: 1953
Grappa trentina di Teroldego